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Our goal is to create beautiful, healthy, and enjoyable interior environments by providing the very best products, client care and service.

Commercial and Residential Design

Floral Designs

Interior Plants Sales and Leasing

We bring all factors into account when creating a design for a space. After considering the overall style and dynamics of the area, we evaluate traffic flow, account for the budget, and importantly, ensure you, our client, is satisfied.

Our conceptual floral designs are on display at some of the finest properties in South Florida, using only the finest materials and designer quality display vases to assure a dynamic, artistic floral decor scheme thereby complimenting the interior spaces. We Strive to keep our clients at the forefront of floral design trends

A design specialist will present you with an estimate for the recommended plants and containers. We have longstanding relationships with the very best local nurseries. This gives us affordable prices that we can then pass onto our clients. 

Interior Plant Maintenance

After carefully selecting our plant technicians we put them through comprehensive  training of all aspects of plant care. We also invest the time and resources to send our technicians to specialized classes for the finer aspects of plant care knowledge. 

Live Orchid and Succulent Displays  

Live flowering orchid plant displays present a upscale design aesthetic. These orchid displays have an extended life, providing weeks of continued bloom with proper care. We pair them with unique succulents and specimen air plants to further elevate the design.

Indoor and Outdoor Live Plant Walls

Plant walls can be customized to fit any desired area with built in irrigation systems. Live walls are beautiful, they promote health and well being, improve indoor air quality by purifying and humidifying the air, attract customers and can even provide sustenance. 


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